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Guest Marine helps you manage on-board DC power with a complete line of battery chargers, switches and isolators. Power systems and spolights available at Marine Electronics Unlimited.

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Guest Marine

Guest Marine has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing an extensive line of products for the recreational and commercial marine markets since 1960. Guest Marine's major product lines consist of battery products, lighting products, and safety products which are sold to wide variety of customers.
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Product Name MEU Price Qty  
GUEST 2610A Battery Charger $96.95 
GUEST 2613A Battery Charger $212.95 
GUEST 2612A Portable 10amp Charger $149.95 
GUEST 2620 Waterproof Battery Charger $190.95 
GUEST 2631 Waterproof Battery Charger $328.95 
GUEST 2100 Battery Switch $47.95 
GUEST 2101 Battery Switch $48.95 
GUEST 2110A Battery Switch with AFD $31.95 
GUEST 2111A Battery Switch $26.95 
GUEST 2300A Battery Switch Heavy Duty $97.95 
GUEST 2303A Battery Switch Heavy Duty $137.95 
GUEST 2304A Battery Switch Heavy Duty $169.95 
Guest 150CCI Connect Charge Inlet $17.95 
GUEST 22040 5 Inch Spot Flood Light $358.95 
GUEST Second Station Kit 729830-P $196.95 
GUEST Replacement Joystick Control for M100 Spotlights $54.95 
GUEST 2602 Half Amp Battery Maintainer $42.95 
GUEST 2603 3 Amp Portable Charger $89.95 
GUEST Galvanic Isolator Fail Safe 50/60A $318.95 
GUEST Galvanic Isolator Fail Safe 30A $252.95 
Guest Standard Dynaplate $89.95 
Guest Large Dynaplate $159.95 
Guest Giant Dynaplate $254.95 
Guest Super Dynaplate $572.95 
Guest Battery Isolator 120a 1 Alternator 2 Batteries $179.95 
Guest Battery Isolator 70a 1 Alternator 2 Batteries $47.95 
Guest Battery On/Off Switch $36.95 
Guest Battery Switch On/Off No AFD $49.95 
Guest Mini Cabin Fan 12v 9035 $42.95 
Guest 12 V Stow-Away Folding Fan $63.95 
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