Quick Fishing Tips

Quick Fishing Tips

fishing tips, quick fishing tips

There are many aspects to consider when you are purchasing fishing equipment to catch the species of fish you would like. You will want to make sure you get what you need for proper maneuverability as well as strength. Keep in mind what type of fish you want to catch because there are various tools used for specific kinds of fish…

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Technical Bulletin for the Lowrance Elite-7 Software

Below is an Update for the Lowrance Elite-7 Software

Click here to find our latest Technical Bulletin on the new Lowrance Elite-7 Software Version 1.8.

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Boating Dangers

Precautions to Take to Avoid Boating Dangers

When out on the calm, pristine water it is hard to imagine the dangers of boating. How something so beautiful could be so dangerous. However, it is important to come prepared, even for the unimaginable. A sudden wave or storm could throw a kink in any adventure.

One of the most obvious dangers to any boater is drowning. The main cause of thousands of drowning deaths each year is people not wearing a life preserver while on board. Even when things seem fine, the waters are unpredictable and could shift at a moments notice. Boaters should wear their life preserver at all times no matter how well they swim – or the likeliness of bad weather.

Another common cause of mortality is alcohol. Just as with a car, one should not drink while driving a boat. It is even more dangerous to drink while on a boat, because the chances of falling overboard are greater. Someone might not be around or able to help someone that is intoxicated.

Other accidents that can happen are collisions or boats accidentally running over swimmers. Like with driving, always keep your eyes out for people swimming in the water and have a flagger if you are going to be in the water. If you do go out to swim, wear a bright swimsuit or stay near your own boat.

In all, be aware of you surroundings and take precautions. Your safety depends on it. It is important to wear a life preserver, avoid alcohol and be careful about other boats and swimmers in the water.


Boating Checklist

Boating Checklist to Remember:

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It is important to have all the necessary safety equipment to go boating. Make sure that you take emergency equipment, items for comfort and any additional items you may need for health and hygiene on your trip. You should always keep a copy of important documents on hand in case you ever need to present them. Here is a boating checklist of items you many need, though it is still important to check state law requirements as they may differ. Hopefully this guide will help you in preparing for your boating excursion.

Items to bring:



Anchor lines

EPIRB units

Life vests

Survival radios

Radar transponders

Signal devices

Personal location beacons

Replacement batteries


Extra Fuel

Survival suits

Floatation devices

Floatation Devices
-Life jackets
-Lights on life jackets

Weather appropriate clothing


Rescue blanket

Toolkit and first-aid kit

Matches or flint and steel

Water purifier

Emergency food

Dry bags

Blow horn and whistles

Signaling mirror

Flashlights and lights for navigation

Radio Beacon

Fire extinguisher(s)

Backfire flame arrester

Dewatering device

Anchor and line

Mooring Lines



-Boat number
-Permanent Decal
-Validation Decal
-Registration documents

It may seem like there are a lot of things you need to bring, but each item is important for your comfort an safety. When the unpredictable happens make sure to be prepared. Remember as well to always wear your life preserver and have a fabulous trip!

Boat Winterization

Boat Winterization Tips

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It is important to protect your boat before winter sets in, so that ice won’t ruin your engine. Ice can cause cracks, corrosion and other damage to you vessel. Start maintenance in the fall before problems arise and if you can afford it store your boat during the winter in a dry place.

Start by cleaning your boat off with a pressure washer. After cleaning your boat, apply wax to protect it from barnacles and other creatures. Also be on the look out for cracks, dents and leaks, as these can be made worse in frosty conditions.

Leftover fuel can cause build up and clogging in the system. Burn off excess fuel with a fuel stabilizer or marine fuel for 15 minutes. You will also want to spray the engine with fogging oil to protect it from corrosion.

To protect the engine from ice, use a raw water cooling system. If you do end up using anti-freeze, use non-toxic, marine or RV antifreeze, which are safe for the environment. You should also use an anti-freeze of -100 for extra protection against fluctuations in temperature.

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Marine Safety

 Improve Marine Safety and Save Time with Autopilot Systems!

Triton autopilot computers, autopilots

B&G Triton Autopilot Computers- High Current

Triton autopilot computers contain advanced algorithms for auto-piloting, improving marine safety and saving time. An autopilot system can take into account the position of a boat and even the speed and winds a ship may be headed into. An autopilot system can adjust course in case of strong winds and prevent over steering.

To improve marine safety and avoid collisions the auto-piloting system will even raise an alarm to warn of any moving and fixed objects in your path. The algorithm can then adjust course to get the ship back on track to its destination. Any alteration in course can be monitored by an officer on-board the vessel.

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chartplotter, navigation, garmin gps map 721

Garmin GPSMAP 721 Chartplotter

Chart-plotter sonars reduce the amount of screens that are required for navigation charting, radar and sonar. Chart-plotters must meet the standards of the International Maritime Organization to qualify as legal substitution for paper charts. This makes them highly valuable in planning a route from A to B, since printing out an electronic course is easier than plotting it out on paper yourself.

The Garmin GPSMAP 741xs Chart-plotter Sonar is an excellent navigation tool, which provides 60 percent more processing power than previous models, giving users results faster than before. The receiver updates the position and heading ten times per second. This is a great tool for sweeping the waters multiple times at different depths as well.

The compact network compatible 18″ random is able to scan up to 36 NM, providing a clear picture of what lies underneath. Images are now provided in HD-ID to better separate targets. It comes with several mounting options as well: Bail mount, flush mount and flat mount.

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Chart-plotters for Navigation